Error Connecting to odk aggregate from odk collect

I installed odk aggregate on my laptop computer running on windows 7 and i as well downloaded and installed odk collect on my samsung s7. i am trying to get a blank form from odk aggregate from odk collect. unfortunately it throws error message as follows.
Form listing failed. parsing with connect to failed to connect to connect to / 6881) from / 58226) after 30000ms while accessing
I am using postgre9.6 and tomcat8

I am not using an SSL certificate
Thanks in advance

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Hi @Lai, you error message has a bunch of different IP addresses and ports and I think that's the root of the problem. For Aggregate to work, you need a fully qualified domain name (or a static IP address). You'll need to put that name/address into the installer and connect to Aggregate with that name/address.

If the above isn't clear, I'd recommend you try starting with the VM ( and see if that works better for you.


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