Error evaluating field 'instanceName', this field is repeated, you may need to use indexed-repeat()

Hi everyone am also experincing this problem may you help please

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Hi and welcome, @Tinotrock!

This means there's a problem in the expression used to name filled forms. You can learn more about naming filled forms in the docs at

The form tries to use a field called col_inout_disp to name filled forms. However, this form field is in a repeat (m_repeat) so you can't access it as a single value outside the repeat. Maybe there is information outside the repeat that you can use to identify filled forms?

If you need to include information from that field in the filled form name, you can convert it to a single value by using functions like join for text values or sum for numeric values.

If you'd like more specific guidance, you can tell us more about what col_inout_disp represents and how you want that information included in filled form names.

When you have a moment, please say hi in the introductions thread.

Hi @LN Hélène Martin hope your well sorry for the late respones but am still getting an error attched is the form may you help please
hlc_processingjk.xlsx (21.5 KB)

Any one to help ? with this problem

Can you describe what it is you're trying to do? What is the meaning of col_inout_disp and what is its relationship to col_inout? The two of them are inside the same repeat so there should be no need for indexed-repeat.

The original problem was with the instance_name value in the settings sheet. You were trying to use values from within the repeat. Can you use values from outside the repeat instead?