Error evaluating field

error evaluating field 'aEotthA7ZcGWW89ckagaao'(/aEotthA7ZcGWW89ckagaao): The problem was located in calculate expression for / aEotthA7ZcGWW89ckagaao XPath evaluation: type mismactch This field is repeated

/ aEotthA7ZcGWW89ckagaao/group_releve_type_infras[1]/ inventaire_parcelle_3[1]/longeur_infra[1] ;/ aEotthA7ZcGWW89ckagaao/ group_releve_type_infras[2]/ inventaire_parcelle_3[1]/longeur_infra[1]

You may need to use the indexed-repeat() function to specify which value you want.

some one help me please
EnqueteParcellairesHenanChine_VF1.xlsx (35.7 KB)

The name values must be unique through your survey. In the file you attached:

  • lines 23 and 26 both use nom_cr_infras_champetre
  • lines 24 and 27 both use village_infras_champetre
  • lines 25 and 28 both use identifiant_pap_infras_proprietaire_champetre

Here are the docs on Form Repeats. The error you are getting is because you are trying to reference a question from a different repeat instance, or from outside the repeat without using the indexed-repeat() function. If the user fills out the repeat group more than once, then the app will not know which answer you want to reference (that is, from the first repeat, or from the second repeat, and so on...).

After removing duplicates, I still have the same errors when I repeat the rectangular element.

Here is the new form after removing duplicates
EnqueteParcellairesHenanChine_VF2.xlsx (35.7 KB)