Error Getting Form List (404)

When attempting to get the form list from the server using collect on an android phone I get the following error:

Error Getting Form List
Form listing failed. responded with: (404).

I have no problem connecting to from the phone or the server and using the management page, and trying to connect to on the server also gives an error 404.

ODK aggregate 1.6.1 is running on PostgreSQL 10.5 and Tomcat 8.5 on Windows Server 2012. The phone is running Android 8.0.0 but I don't think the phone has anything to do with the problem because when I was running aggregate from the preconfigured VM it had no problem connecting and downloading forms.


Looks like you have not set the server URL correctly on ODK Collect. I am guessing it should be and you only have in the server URL setting

can you access

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Yeah that was exactly it. I focused so much on Aggregate setup I forgot to check the Collect setup guide.

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