Error in calculation

Form developed in Kobo.
I seem to have an error in the one or more calculations, and I am unsure as to how to fix it, I believe the error is in either scoring the age of each household member (if they are 5 and under, or 65 and older) or in calculating the cummulative disabilities for each household member. Otherwise stated if household member A has 1 disability and the are aged 69 a score of 2 should be returned. If household member B is under 5 and has 2 disabilities a score of 3 should be returned for that individual. From these two members of the household, 5 points should be added to Tier 1 score. I am asking assistance to check all calculations as, I am confident that there is an error in one of the calculations. I have also attached the matrix so you can see how the points should be allotted

Scoringmiscalculation.xlsx (28.0 KB) Copy of Income Support Eligibility and Weighting Matrix (tom)5.7.2020VULNERABILITIES.xlsx (20.7 KB)

I looked at the form only very briefly but I would say that for the disability score you have a calculate that does a sum but its inside your repeat group. This means that each time it sums, it will sum just one value and really do nothing. The sum calculation would need to be outside the repeat group and you may have to do something similar with any other calculations in the repeat group. For these sums to work you also need to make sure the values being summed are never null but I think that this is not a risk for your current age or disability questions so the main issue is that the calculations need to be aggregated after the end_repeat line.