Error in Repeat Group

Dear Community,

I am a new learner of the ODK. I was preparing an ODK from for a Survey. In which I was using “repeat group” comment to added up similar kind of answer for different kind of issues. For example I am interested to know different kind of crop a farmer is producing and his cost of cultivation. The questions are type of crop, area of cultivation, cost of production and harvest. When I am running it for the first group (that is for the first crop) it is running well but I am adding the second crop an error is coming in the ODK. I am attaching a screen short of that. I shall be oblished if someone help me to deal with this problem.

I had tried to work on the repeat count by using the one previous variable but it did not work out.

I am using Excel and Converted it to Xml via online for from making and ODK collect in Android device for data collection.!

@Amrita_Pal What what help us help you is for you to upload a copy of the form that has this problem. Also, what version of ODK Collect are you using?

@yanokwa Thanks a lot for your Kind Response.

Please find attached of my questionnaire. As I mentioned earlier that for entering the first CROP in the repeat group I am facing no problem, but when I am trying to enter the second crop that time the error message is coming, from where I am I am unable to proceed further. The data also being lost.

I am using ODK Collect Version v1.19.0

Amrita_check_short.xlsx (76.8 KB)

Please see below linked discussion and probably you will get your answer:

Thank You @ARIF_AZAD_KHAN i will check and let you know whether it's work or not.