Error in setting up Fusion Table

I am tring to setup fusion table for my ODK aggregate.
However when i am entered my email address on odk server i got below error messege .

I followled below tutorial

Thanks ,

Hi, @iamnarendrasingh!

One quick test you could do is to clean the browser cache files after setting up your Google credentials in Aggregate. You can also try to reproduce the error using incognito mode and see if it still happens.

If this doesn't work, we need to review the Google credentials setup in Aggregate.

The error you're getting is produced by the Google API library Aggregate uses to interface with Fusion Table and other Google services. I've googled it and it's commonly related to errors while creating the API keys and service account.

You should have this setup:

make sure you have selected the correct console project on each link

Aggregate conf field Google Console concept Value in my setup
Simple API Key API Key AIzaSyCWLvAjp03Beqet4XQ06krPluvepL6hBRA
Private key file (.p12 file) Service account key The one you got when creating the service account
ID (Key ID) or perhaps Client ID Service account Key ID 28e6dda667282e1a809e074e9f51a80f087d9fe8
Service account Service account email

Please, review this for your project and check that you've correctly configured all the values in the Aggregate Site Admin > Preferences page like so: