Error install ODK Aggregate

What is the problem? Please be detailed.

He I install ODK Aggregate on Linux distribution : Ubuntu 18
And I upload the .war file on Tomcat /webapps it doesn't work...

We try to install mysql connector and mysqlconnector.5.1.36.jar on the library of Tomcat.

The message error is :

ECHEC - L'application pour le chemin de contexte [/ODKAggregate] n'a pas pu être démarrée

What ODK tool and version are you using? And on what device and operating system version?
I use ODK Aggregate v2.0

Thanks you for your response


What is the version of your Tomcat. Some versions of Tomcat are not supported by ODK.


Hi my version is Tomcat 9.0.16

Try with an older version. I know 6 is quite old, but 6 will definitely work.


Okay thank you, we will try with an other version .

Hi @thomasBeuchotte,

Please be adviced to use the recommended version while installing the programs

See the link for more information and try more to use the available documentation

Thanks but we use this document and it's doesn't work, we use with Tomcat 8.5.38 and 9.016 nothing works.
We have jdk : 8
mysql : 5.7

We test we Tomcat 6 and also doesn't work...

Okay, can you look for the tomcat log files with the recommended versions the share the logs here?


manager.2019-02-22.txt (3.7 KB)

catalina.2019-02-22.txt (20.3 KB)

Okay, we attach you the log files.

catalina.txt (946.0 KB)

Hi thanks for your help we have resolved the problem ! :slight_smile: the problem was the password of the odk_user for my database on mysql.

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