Error message when converting form due to "Relevant" column

I have created a series of "relevant" fields in my form and I am getting the following error message when I try to convert my .xls to an the ODK xlsForm:
ODK Validate Errors:

XForm is invalid. See above for the errors.
org.javarosa.xform.parse.XFormParseException: Encountered a problem with display condition for node [${other_staff_present_detail}] at line: {u'English (en)': u" ${other_staff_present} = 'yes'"}, Couldn't understand the expression starting at this point: ͎{u'English (en)...

I followed the instructions on and looked on this forum for guidance when creating the Relevant column so I thought I was doing it right, but obviously not. Here is the form details for the entire row:
label select_one doctor_nurse_midwife
name other_staff_present_detail
label::English (en) Position of other staff present
relevant::English (en) ${other_staff_present} = β€˜yes’

Thanks for your help and patience as this is my first time creating an ODK form. If you need any more information to answer my question please let me know.


Could you please share your part of xls form here if you have no problem.

Since I can't seem to attach the excel file I am attaching a screenshot of the file

"::English (en)" should be used for label and hint not for the relevant column


Awesome, thanks that fixed it!