Error Occurred, Index: 0, Size: 0

Edit: It appears that this error only exists for a specific, non-community fork of ODK collect.

@yanokwa Would you be able to delete this thread?

@Joseph_E_Flack_IV Since you are on a fork, can you try to reproduce this on the copy of Collect in the Play Store and see if you can reproduce it there?

@yanokwa Hi! Upon troubleshooting, we were able to verify that this issue only exists for our fork; it does not exist in ODK Collect.

I wasn't able to delete this thread, so I edited it a few days ago and removed most of the text and asked for it to be deleted. It had looked like my edit was saved, but I suppose it wasn't.

You may remove this thread.

I'm seeing this in ODK Collect (v1.18.0 94-g695589ff-dirty, running under Android simulator) on a form I'm trying to convert over from Survey123. So there's probably something weird/incompatible with this particular form as a result, although it gets processed by XSLForm Online/Validate OK. But does anybody know the particular conditions that result in this error being generated? Related to external datasets perhaps?