Error: URL missing for submission (ODK Collect with Google Drive as server)

Hello, I am new to ODK … I want to collect filled forms with google drive, so ODK Collect, I put it as a server and associated it with my google account … I already made a form in XLSform, I converted it to xml, I put it in my google drive, load it into odk collect, fill out several test forms, but at the time of sending I get this error:

ndroid.exception.BadUrlException: URL missing for submission

Of course, something is missing, but I do not understand exactly what I should do to correct … Please help, thank you …


  1. Make blank google sheet in your google drive (give what ever the name you prefer).

  2. Get a shareable link, enable- "Anyone on the internet with this link can edit"

  3. Copy this link and paste the same in the xlsform

  4. Then make the xml.

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Hi Saneesh,
I am as well new to using ODK and as AlexM, i have the same issue
PS: i did all the steps you listed.

Hi @HamzaODK
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Have you done everything according to
Are you sure you copied your url correctly?