Error when sending finalized form in ODK Collect

I have filled in different forms in ODK collect. When I want to send the finalized forms, some of these go through, but for others I get an error when I want to submit. The error is either error 404 or 400. What can I do to transfer the data of all the forms to the server?

I have checked the server name etc, and it all seems to be fine. I can't imagine the problem is in there as some of the forms are still able to being uploaded.

Two months ago, I used the very same forms and I didn't encounter any problems by then.


Welcome to the ODK forum, @Janita! We're glad you're here. When you get a chance, please Introduce yourself here!. I'd also encourage you to add a real picture as your avatar because it helps build community!

Regarding your submission issue, where are you hosting your Aggregate server and what version are you using? Could you access the complete error message, if so please reply with the error message.


Hi Imran, thanks for your quick reply.
I am using the Google Cloud as my Aggregate server. Herewith the error message: "Error: Generic Exception: Error: Bad Request (400) at



Have you updated the form recently? If yes, have you updated that on your collect? I believe something wrong with that specific form based on your description.



Sorry for the delay. I haven't updated the form, and it is not a problem with one single form, but with multiple ones. Others that I uploaded around the same time are still working. I was wondering whether it could have something to do with the size of the questionnaires?