Evaluating Reproductive Health Voucher Programs with ODK (Video)

A reproductive health voucher is a card that entitles a poor, pregnant
woman to subsidized maternity care. These vouchers are used around the
world, but do they actually help improve the quality of care?
RHVouchers (@RHVouchers) is evaluating voucher programs in Kenya,
Uganda, Tanzania, Bangladesh and Cambodia to find out.

As one could expect, these evaluations are intensive an process of
collecting, organizing, cleaning, and analyzing data. The process
happens over largely rural areas with vast distances between
households and health service providers.

In the video at http://vimeo.com/38123850, Population Council, Marie
Stopes in Uganda, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation show how
they are using ODK to streamline the evaluation of voucher programs.

Find out more about RHVouchers at http://www.rhvouchers.org, and
again, the video is at http://vimeo.com/38123850.