Excluding some items from a Choice List

How do I exclude some items from a choice list? I have a number of "select_one" questions, whose answers make a choice list for 1 "select_multiple" question

** ODK collect and v1.17.2, Samsung tablet?**

Did a calculate variable for each of the select one questions, and created a choice list for the all the appropriates out comes for each select_one, question.?

I got the choice list showing, I dont want items like 40 and 43 showing up as in the attached


Hi @Akum_Aveika, it would be easier if you share a sample of your .xlsform.

Relevant statements (skip logic) for 40 and 43 would only apply if they are on a different screen (don't use field-list).

As far as 'select_one' informing 'select_multiple' choice options, please look further into using choice_filter (here and here should get you started).

testing1.xlsx (72.0 KB)

Dear Lloyd,
I have attached the xlsx file. I hope it explains my problem a bit better.
These are the select_one questions with the possible inputs being: YES,NO,DK,REF

if any of the above questions have a "Yes" input it is expected to be available for selection when you arrive at
question N2213_4, which allows multiple answers.
The problem is
"I dont want any item from by list of select_one questions whose input is not "Yes" to be available for selection when I get to N2213_4"
I hope this helps.

Hi Akum,

I've done similar things in the past; I actually prefer the technique of 'grouping' different questions together without labels so they 'appear' as one question using field-list. I've done this in the attached as an example for you. Note the appearance column, and the relevant column.

Hope this helps.

Example.xlsx (14.9 KB)

**Edit (updated example)
**Edit: You can also change the select_one in Q2 to select_multiple pending your question/response needs.