External csv file updation

Hi Friends,
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My question is:
I have uploaded 5 different data collection form and the same data collector will collect each form.
For this, i have list of data collectors which i want to upload as server csv dataset which will be linked with every forms and will be used help of search() expression.
In case out of 10 data collectors any 2 get fired or get seek or 5 new data collectors joined the survey process, in this case i have to update the data collector list server dataset (Add or delete) .And the most important thing i don't want to change form version no. of any forms.Then what should i do for this.
If it is possible that only that external server dataset get updated and all the forms data collectors list get updated .But the forms versions remains the same.

By this method i need to update single server dataset and required changes will be done. The concerned data collectors can download the updated form . Other wise i will have to update each forms and the form version will be changed and it will take lot of time.
Please help me out.

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