External import error

Thanks for documenting this here. I am trying to update to a higher version of my application but its giving me an error that "external import error" I successfully entered the server name, username and password and also successfully got the blank form. However when i want to fill a blank form, it gives me that error. What could be happening? please help. Thanks

Yeey, it worked out. I took the following steps;

  1. launched odk collect
  2. clicked on the 'delete saved forms' tab
    3)chose 'blank form' or 'empty forms' on your right
  3. deleted the saved forms from there

Hi @inahamya,

Welcome to the community.

Seems you got is working and provided feedback. Thanks for that. In case you encounter any challenge, I encourage you to use the support template provided as a guide to explain your issue and to search the forum as well. As there is already a lot of available resources.