Extract values from odk to a android built in printer

I need help!i have an android device with a built-in printer where i would like to use ODK collect so i can collect data on a fisheries project in areas with no data connection,but there's an issue i can't send values to be printed like some kind of receipt using the form .
Please can somebody help me!

Hi @Ramesh_Ferreira
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Have you tried our printer widget? https://docs.getodk.org/printer-widget/

Yes i did .but it only works for zebra printer i want it to work for other built in printer.is it possible?

not out of the box. Could you share what device/printer you use?

this is the device !

Ok so it's 58mm SEIKO printer. You will need to hire someone to implement changes in Collect or do that on your own if you are a developer.

Could you please update to the latest Zebra printer driver coz the printer you are currently directing the users to is no longer available in the market. Will be much apreciated.

Hi @Stephen_K_ojwang

Unfortunately I don't think we we will be able to do that anytime soon. It's an open source projects and we have limited capacity.