Face on Dependency cycle errors

Greeting all!
First of all i would say thank you for your cooperation. I face the same proble as last time. I don't want to duplicate the responses rather than skip if yes or no. Please tell how can i get the solution? Please show me the problem and how can i solve the problem and give me the correction.Final_V.xls (106 KB)

Hi @amen13

please review relevant/calculation columns Dependency cycle error means for example that you try to determine whether question x should be displayed checking its own value like you do in row 215 (I don't know if it's the only bug).

@grzesiek Thanks so much !could you show me on the attached document please with corrected uploaded file?

Just take a look at row 215:

question name is F45 (column B) but in relevant (column H) you use the same value F45 what is wrong because you can refer only previous questions.
You might have more such bugs.