Failed to log into my ODK Central

Dear all, I pray you are well. My ODK central logged me out and and failed to log me back in. I stopped the container with sudo docker-compose stop and restarted it with sudo docker-compose up -d. it shows it is running well but now stopped bringing the login page and said the page was unreachable. I stopped it again, ran sudo docker-compose build and then restarted the service again
It now brings the login screen but does not let me in. It says

Incorrect email address and/or password.

I kindly request for your support on this matter.

2. What steps can we take to reproduce this issue?

3. I have tried to follow the guidance here but i get an error find: paths must precede expression: `|'

4. Upload any forms or screenshots you can share publicly below.

My guess is that you're running an old version of Central (v2023.1 or earlier) and you've run the down command with docker-compose and have lost the link to your database.

Do you have a whole machine backup or snapshot that you can restore from?

Thanks @yanokwa for the prompt response. I do not have a backup, unfortunately
I thought it was a normal container restart so i never thought of backing up

Could there still be any hope of reconnecting back to the old database?

Yes, we can help reconnect the old database and I have sent you an email so we can can coordinate that process.

Thanks very much. I have replied with the details