Few twiches and questions

Hi Chayan,
I can give basic answers to your questions. If you're looking for something
more in depth (modifying the ODK source or manipulating CSV data) hopefully
other's can help:

  1. ODK Collect doesn't have a way to bundle forms. However, it does have
    some authentication features built in that might be able to replace your
    authentication form. You can require an username and password in the
    application settings for submitting to Aggregate.

  2. Unfortunately Collect does not include support for text markup. One work
    around is to use images of formatted text instead of text.

  3. Select multiple questions are stored as space delimited lists which
    could cause problems in your example since your values have spaces in them.
    There isn't a way to manipulate the select multiple output format in
    aggregate, but there is a lot of software out there that can transform
    CSVs. I recommend asking this question on a forum for the analysis software (e.g.
    excel/stata/R) you are comfortable using.



ยทยทยท On Tuesday, June 4, 2013 4:08:59 AM UTC-7, Chayan Shrestha wrote: > > Hey there!! I am building a long form for a survey regarding children > health and ODK has been just a perfect solution for me and a sincere thanks > for the whole ODK team for an awesome open source boon .. I've to make few > twitches though and since it's an open source, i am very hopeful as well .. > I am not that very familiar with android programming but i think i can > handle some changes (with google by my side ofcourse :) ) .. Now moving on > to the point i've listed few queries below : > > 1) I know i can add a user validation form for the authentication but how > can i upload it in the aggregate so that the integrated (authentication > form + survey forms) can be downloaded from anywhere > > 2) Can i underline or bold few questions or part of them from the ODK > build itself > > 3) I need to customize the collected data (in csv format) from aggregate > .. To be more clear can i actually change the way the data are exported to > .CSV format for example; > > say i've a multiple question field where the name of the doctors are in > the choices eg. 1.Doc A, 2.Doc B, 3.Doc C under question name (say Doctor), > now if i chose options 1 and 2 i.e Doc A and Doc B and export the data in > .CSV from aggregate, i get some thing like this in excel > > Doctor > Doc A Doc B > > My question is can i actually change the way the data are exported say for > the same answer selected my csv format be sth. like > > Doc A Doc B(both columns) > > multiple rows > Doc A > Doc B > > I know i/the clients :) really sound naive technically when i put it that > way but is there a way i can manipulate the exported data > > P.S. Sorry in advance if i am in the wrong forum shooting wrong questions > but any help or directions will be perfect. > > Regards. > >