Field Survey

hi matt,

  1. yes, you can use the built in gps to collect gps coordinates.

  2. no, you currently cannot select a point on the map. the reason we
    don't have this support is because google maps on android had very
    little offline/caching support when we started odk. a few months ago,
    google shipped a version of maps with better offline support, so i
    expect we'll have this feature eventually (maybe with the annotation
    we've been discussing at
    no promises on when it will happen, but filing a feature request at is the best way to
    ensure it happens quickly.

in the future, please send such questions to the mailing list (cc:ed).
we prefer you use the mailing list because it reduces duplication and
allows the entire community to answer questions in a publicly viewable
and searchable way.


ยทยทยท On Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 09:01, Matt Stayner wrote: > I've been researching ODK for the last several days and I am fascinated. I > love the forms and the ability to store the data in the "cloud". Here is > what I want to do. Can you tell me if it is even possible, and if so, can > you point me in the right direction to get started? > I want to collect field data (fire hydrants, power poles, etc.), and I want > to have two options for collecting the location of the asset 1) use the > built-in GPS (this seems to be native to ODK) and 2) select the location on > a Google Earth Map background. > Thank you in advance for your help! > Matt