Filter Options to work with Multi Select for 2 questions

1. What is the problem? Be very detailed.

I have xls form attached. Options selected at Q1 are loaded onto Q2 which is successfully working. But now the options not selected at Q2 should be listed as the only options for Q3. This is where I am having a challenge on how to implement.

I am kindly seeking for assistance on how to implement that filter.

Samplexls.xlsx (18.9 KB)

Hello @Stephen_Wanjau,

There are several ways to get the third filter. In choice_filter for q3 try adding this:
name!=${q1} and name!=${q2}

This will achieve the mutual exclusion of options in previous question. You can also add the same in q1 and q2 by swapping the fields as below to make sure if users change their minds in previous questions, the changes are reflected on the rest accordingly

Q1: name!=${q2} and name!=${q3}
Q2: name!=${q1} and name!=${q3} and
Q3: name!=${q1} and name!=${q2}

Hoping this helps

Jules R

Hi @jules_rugwiro , thank you for your swift response.

The idea is to have options being narrowed down as a user progresses with the questions. i.e.
Q1, which countries do you have presence, those options selected are loaded in Q2, and then those not selected at Q2 but had been selected at Q1 are now loaded at Q3 as the only options.

As an example, say I choose Angola, Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia at Q1, then at Q2 I select Angola and Kenya, then at Q3 only options that should come up are Somalia and Ethiopia.

Hello @Stephen_Wanjau,

Sorry, i missed that detail.

In that case, filter at q3 will be selected(${q1}, name) and name!=${q2} or
selected(${q1}, name) and not(selected(${q2},name)) either would do



Thank you @jules_rugwiro as this has worked out now. No worries about the the missing detail.