Filter Using multiple Condition


I have been trying to filter the list of activities from external choices based on certain conditions where my final condition has two parts.

part 1: condition1 or condition2 or condition3........ or condition 32
part 2: condition34

Individually both construct works well but I want to implement hybrid condition such that..

condition: (part1) and part2

When I join two conditions with 'AND' though the form is built successfully but it give error at this specific question. i.e.

bind value at index x is null.

Any idea how to implement hybrid filter based on 'OR' and 'AND' logic.


Hi @MK_Swati,

You can implement a condition using those operators OR / AND. Check this documentation link. In the link you can find a sample form with nice examples.

If you still cant figure it out, attach a sample form for further assistance