Follow up forms

1. What is the general goal of the feature?
To make a follow up form

2. What are some example use cases for this feature?
3. What can you contribute to making this feature a reality?
Work to develop it

Hi @chandra
Could you provide more details to make it clear what you would like to be added to ODK?
Are you maybe thinking about longitudinal data collection?


Sorry for late response.....

I have developed an ODK form for line listing (listing of all household members) using XLS from.
Through the line listing process I have identified the beneficiary,
Now, I want to make a follow-up form for beneficiary only (only selected individual in a household).
In the follow-up form, I do not want to inter the household details as I have already collected during line listing.
Therefore, I want to make a from in which after entering some basic information (like age, sex, name, village, etc.) the details should appear (to identify the individual for follow-up), so that the correct individual could be followed.


We do not support linking forms. Depending on your case you might use groups repeats

Hi @chandra ,

maybe what you need is the pull from csv option.
You can create a csv file with data collected on the first round.
Then you can pull the data you need and show it on the form. You specify a key variable to use to extract data.

read the doumentation about it

Thanks Aurdipas

I have a UID in the parent/legacy data from which I wish to pull the data for identification of beneficiary and simultaneous follow-up.
I think that would be fine.
The problem is I am using a google sheet to collect the data.
can I connect the .csv file in the google drive
Please suggest,,,,,


Thanks Grzesiek :slight_smile:

I shall try to the same.