Font color in choice options one does not work

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hello collaborators and helpers, someone would know how to answer, why can't I color options of choices when they are within a group. ? I'm trying to color the "choose one" answer but only the font color in the titles works..
Novo-Cadastro-Presidente-Prudente (1).xlsx (35.1 KB)

in the choices tab, column C-486 (it's all in Portuguese but the color syntax is like in the English docs) you can see that the question's Label is colored but in the option it is not

Hi @BrunoAngelo,

It seems that the problem comes with the likert appearance you try to use for your select_one questions and I am not sure you can style option with this appearance

can you tell me which appearance styles accept colors in the select one options?

"quick" and "columns" at least

In the next version of Collect that we are going to release in ~2 months styling will be supported in more widgets.


Please try out the beta for the next release and confirm that the styling you would like to use is now available.

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