Form information loading is slow

My form has a select_one list and depending on the item selected, different fields have to be filled.
If I choose one intem that has more fields to be filled, the form become slow when choosing the items.

Not sure if there is some way to solve this.

  • Are you able to share your form here? If not, can you provide details on the number of questions, the complexity of the survey logic, the number of choices, etc...
  • Also, what version of Collect are you using?
  • And what are the technical specifications of the phone you're using?
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The first list has 5 choices

After this one, there are 5 lists and depending on the choice in the first list, none, one, or more of them appears: with the first choice, no list is available, the second and third choices, just one list apears (different ones), the fourth choice give access to three list, and when the last choice is selected, four lists appears.

The problem begins with the three last choices: when I click one of then the form takes a while to load the other lists and theese other lists also take a while when I select an item.

I'm using odk collect 1.30.1 in a Motorola G6

Two of these lists are select_one_from_file, one of these has a filter_choice, while two other lists that are simple select_one has choice_filter that are concatenations