Form listing failed, form list is not text/xml

Dear Friends!
I am using ODK build for creating form, I could create it, I uploaded to my aggregate, odk collect was installed on my mobile, now, when I want to get blank form it give massage
(form listing failed. content type: text/html; charset=UTF-8 from: (my okd link), form list is not text/xml.
this is often caused a network proxy. do you need to login to your network?
so, what is the problem, and what should I do.
looking forward for your help

From your phone, load a web browser and visit some page you haven't visited recently, like or or something. Does it load that website as expected, or does it show you some other prompt to log into a network?

(the error message implies that when it tried to contact your ODK Aggregate, it got back some reply from something other than your ODK Aggregate)

so, what is the solution?

Did you try the step I suggested?

yes, it load all pages as expected, no problem is there

And are you certain that you have your Aggregate set up correctly? Do you have the correct address for it put into Collect?

This is an incredibly hard problem to diagnose without specific detail, it could be pretty much anything wrong on the whole Internet.

yest, because I used copy-paste options, and that could not be wrong

But what did you copy? And where did you paste it?

I think at this stage, it might be best if @Mansour recorded a video of what exactly is going on, put that on YouTube and shared that link. CamStudio might be useful here. If that doesn't work, maybe use LiceCap and put the resulting GIF on Imgur.