Form partially uploaded to Central

A scenario that I had never encountered before :
A user filled out a form with Collect, saved it and then filled out a new form.
The next day, he was able to resume typing on the form saved the day before, then he was able to finalize it and send it.
In Central, the new data entered the next day (therefore after the backup) are not uploaded but in Collect, they are clearly visible when you read the form sent!
Have you ever faced this issue?

Hi Thomas and thanks for your introduction.

Si when you check the sent forms in collect, it is complete, but the submission in central is incomplete ?
Did you created a new version of the form, or in other words did the user used the last version of the form ?

Hello Mathieu :grin:

Thanks for your answer. That's it : in Collect (on the smartphone) the sent form is complete but it's incomplete in Central.
The user successfully retrieved the last version...