Form version upgrade not smooth


I am using Central 1.2.2 and collect v2021.2.3. The collect configuration is done via QR code with 'auto-update forms to new version' feature enabled. It was working smoothly, but today some field workers are complaining about seeing the version conflict after a new upgrade:

Since everything is supposed to be done automatically by the app, the user did not attempt any manual update of the form. However, since the form upgrade did not go smooth, it is now becoming a big issue to solve it in the field.

Can someone explain a little bit of explanation as to how/why this happens, and what are the remedies? My field force is using the SENT FORMS data to keep records in their phones, so I don't want to ask them to DELETE ALL FORMS and then GET BLANK FORMS.


Hi @Saad
Could you tell us what you changed in your form?
To fix the issue you can go to Settings->Form Management and uncheck Hide old form versions. Then you should be able to see both forms in Main menu->Delete saved form and just remove the old one.

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