Formatting to the label of choices is not working xlsform

formatting to the label of choices sheet is not working in xlsform.
I am going with span tag but output not with the style I want.
It is simply displaying the tag only.


Tag doesn't work on choice sheet.


You mean styling like this If so it should work.


This comes like this only and it's not changing.

Ok but what tool do you use I guess it's enketo and you expect styling to work there?

No, I have shown the picture to you on Enketo but it's same on the android device phone.

what ODK Collect version?

I'm asking because I downloaded the sample form from where there is such a case and everything seems fine.

you are able to see the style of html tag

I can see this for example:

using the sample form.

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Thanks for reply, This is working for this. But when I am having select list for option with radio button and they are having labels for each option e.g.

I am here No Yes N/A
I am going No Yes N/A

as mentioned and I want to use style to reduce text size of No, Yes, N/A as they occupying so much space on tablet. and no coming correctly.

It sounds like the list and list-nolabel appearances may not be respecting styling.

Have you considered configuring the font size either in Collect or for the whole device? In Collect, go to General Settings -> User interface -> Text font size to set the size of the font used when filling out a form (more at


I want change size of my choices in xlsx form. how is it possible? "######" is not working in choices label.

Hi @Ebrahim
Did you read the documenatation There youcan also find a sample form how to format labels/hints/labels in choices.
If there is something wrong please attach your form.