FORMLIST refresh bug in collect


It seems like a bug in the collect, so I am pasting it here.

  • Using COLLECT version 2022.3.6
  • When I add a new project via QR code, its config gets loaded into the app. The forms are configured to be downloaded automatically if you give it some time to download. However, if you go into the menu of FILL BLANK FORM before the forms are completely downloaded (e.g. my forms have some big CSV data, so loading takes around 10 secs), you don't see any forms in the list, and a loading bar is moving on the top (horizontal animated line). When the loading finishes, the screen should get a refresh and the form list should be visible. However, this does not happen, and the screen remains blank. The forms list becomes visible only when either I go to main menu and open FILL BLANK FORM again, or if I refresh the same window again.

I assume the forms get downloaded already, but the screen content needs a refresh to display the list.

Let me know if I can help more in this diagnosis.


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I may be having similar issues sporadically, but had put it down to the large media volume (1000s of small jpegs).

Syncing, initial or definition update, sometimes appears to have completed (blue pulsing bar) but there is no form initially or the updated version doesn't appear, but exiting and reopening will cause the form or the update to show.

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Hi @Saad and @ahblake

Thanks for reporting the issue. I will try to reproduce it and will get back to you with my findings.


I added a new draft for testing just now, with only 15mb (25x files) of media.

Scan QR --> Fill Blank Form --> Blue pulsing sync indicator progressed and finished --> "Nothing available to display ..."

Back out to Fill/Edit/Send/View/Delete and select Fill Blank Form again --> Form is present with added timestamp that matches sync time.

Thanks again. We have a fix for this issue and it will be a part of the upcoming release (v2022.4.0).