Forms' names modified when tables are created in the data base


I've built a few forms for the past 2 years and for some of them, the name I've written in the settings sheet is not the one kept by the data base once the first instances have been sent and the tables created.
It's not a serious problem, but it doesn't help me or my colleagues to identify the good tables when we need them for our sql queries...
For example, the form named form_controles_suivis_ttes_sp_V2 (even in aggregate) is FORM_22SP_V2 in the data base. I tried to change it in form_controles_suivis_mc_costieres and it became FORM_27ES_v2 in the data base. form titles and ids are ok in aggregate interface.
I've compared (and made compare by a colleague) form_title and form_id's syntax between forms whose name has been kept in the data base and forms whos name has changed, I tried deleting spaces in form_title or to change form_title and form_id.

I've used:

  • XLSForm on line v1
  • Aggregate : 2.0.0 (we'll soon move on Central but won't be ready before colleagues will use this survey)
  • ODK collect 1.29.3

I join the incriminated xls and xml files.
form_controles_suivis_ttes_sp_V2_post.xls (50.5 KB) form_controles_suivis_ttes_sp_V2_post.xml (27.1 KB)

Thank you for your help.

Hi @nathalie_H, Aggregate decides what to name the underlying tables and there is no easy way for a user to change those names.

The actual table name may vary from one instance to the next depending upon the tables defined in the database at the time the form was uploaded; the server ensures that the table names do not collide and modifies table names until there are no collisions.


Thank you for your answer @yanokwa. :slight_smile: