Forum moved to managed hosting

The forum has been growing at a faster rate over the last few months, and last week, we've had some occasional downtime due to backups eating up memory and thrashing disks.

To address the problem I've moved the server to managed-hosting from Unison Hosting (Disclosure: I'm an owner at Unison). Unison uses a combination of Vultr for servers, S3 for backups, and KeyCDN.

This move:

  1. Doubled RAM to 4 GB to give us more breathing room
  2. Added a CDN for much faster loads even if a user is far away from the server
  3. Ends up being cheaper for community because Unison's infrastructure and processes are available at cost
  4. Upgraded us to the latest Discourse that has a fix to stop forking regular backup jobs

Long story short, the server is still paid for by Nafundi and being managed by me, but it's faster and cheaper. And likely to get faster and cheaper.