Free web based tools which I can use along with ODK Collect?

Hi Yaw,

Thanks for the input. Now we are able to use the ODK Collect from the android phones. The field team is finding difficulty in entering the data using the mobile and they are asking whether they can enter the data using a web-browser or access the odk aggregate using a browser. Any free web based tools available which I can use along with the ODK collect. I checked enketo but now a free version is not available.

Your help would be very much appreciated.


KoBoToolbox will allow you to submit using either a web form or KoboCollect. If you're willing to use their service instead of the Aggregate you set up, then that might be an option. Your survey forms should all work the same.

Also, Enketo can be self-hosted for free. is also another option if you aren't collecting a lot of data.