FW: [Health IT] Hackathon Request - .ssc onto Android phone

Hey guys,
Just go the email below on GHDonline, and I think it'd be great to have the functionality he talks about (height of an object compared to a reference object). I'm planning him on checking to see if he knows about ODK and see if that functionality can be imbedded within ODK. If any of you have a specific suggestion on how they might do it feel free to email him directly by going to http://www.ghdonline.org/tech/discussion/hackathon-request-ssc-onto-android-phone.


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Title:Hackathon Request - .ssc onto Android phone

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Hi everybody!

I'm currently at the Boston RHOK (Random Hacks of Kindness) event and we are working on a few humanitarian hacking projects.
One of them is to build an Android app that will use the camera to measure the length (height) of an object (infant) as compared to a reference object.

We found some good Height/Age curves (z scores) from WHO with .ssc files

Two questions:

  1. How useful are these curves? Are there better ones out there?


  1. Has anyone turned these *.ssc files into Java classes?


Also it turns out that we had a Microsoft secialist there who knows R pretty well, which prompted the question.. if we complete this app would it be useful to have the aggregated data output in 'S' for Health IT's consumption?


Twitter: #rhokbos



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