Generate data from choice filter for repeat group

Hello everyone,
I'm here with a problem. When I use indexed-repeat to calculate any data from a repeat group, I can use them by using this logic. Even I can calculate the names, and use them in any other section. but when I see the dataset, I find only some numbers in the dataset.

Those numbers indicate the name.

But, is there any option to find the name in the dataset by using indexed-repeat function for a repeat group?

@Likhon not clear what actually you want. It may be

Server end data view or
APK end data view or
XLS form design

If it is XLS form design then I can try to help you.

Yes, it is xls form. But I can design in xls. But when I download the dataset from server and checked the dataset, I found only numbers. Because I calculate those names in choice sheet. But I need the names, not the numbers


jr:choice-name(${?????},'${????}') put your variable name in the '????'

use this calculation in a new field after generated name list field from index-repeat.

It basically saves label of a choice list in the instance. See the attached XLS. It may solve your problem.

label_save_from_list.xlsx (9.0 KB)