Geopoint without GPS

Dear users,

I have downloaded a new version of ODK Collect (v1.18.1). In previous versions, I could collect a geopoint with wifi connection (during testing). However, with this version, geopoint only seems to work with satellites, so inside a building, I am not able anymore to fix a geopoint... This is not handy during testing... Am I doing somthing wrong, or is this a new default setting in ODK Collect...?

Hi @Eddy_Rellum! Yes, there was a change make to ODK Collect because of a bug in Google's libraries that capped accuracy to 10 meters. As a result of that change, we only use true GPS. If you want to capture points inside for testing, you'll need to disable the GPS provider and the WiFi provider will be used.

Hi Yanokwa,

Thanks for the feedback. This is clear than. My impression is however that GPS is not fixing that well anymore. In the previous ODK collect version, my GPS was fixing really well and fast (asus nexus 7 tablet, which is excellent, pitty they don't make them anymore), even in the car. However, I tested this weekend outside at the beach and I noticed a much worser performance: My tablet could not fix satellites anymore, even after 10 minutes and when it had fixed the signal was lost all the time. I will do some more testing, but maybe others experience the same problems... Or maybe it is my older Android version? I can make a new item in case this is needed.