Get MetaData of Date and Time in different columns?

Hello, to get metadata of date and time in one colum there are start and end, but to get this individually, in different columns ?

There is also a today metadata as well as form functions for date and time and converting data and time that might be useful in getting what you want.

What are all the columns and data values you would like?

Hello @danbjoseph, well i need two columns , date and time , but like meta , that they run automatically, in the background. The funtion today generate the date but i dont know the funtion to generate the time.
Note: I need both in differents columns.
Thanks for your help.

You could use the following:

|   type    |    name    | label |              calculation              |
| start     | start      |       |                                       |
| calculate | start_date |       | format-date(${start},"%Y-%m-%d")      |
| calculate | state_time |       | format-date-time(${start},"%H:%M:%S") |

To get a CSV data export from Aggregate that looks like this:


Note: If you open it in Microsoft Excel, the program might change the formatting of dates, for example changing 2019-11-11 to display as 11/11/19 .


Cool!!! , thanks @danbjoseph, it is a good solution.:star_struck:
Thanks for all descriptions.*

Testing with a note in Enketo