Get spatial data from Google server

Good day Everyone,

I would like to know if there is an easy away to get the spatial data from the Google server in a GIS format?

At the moment the co-ordinates for path or polygon are stored in a single cell, making it impossible to just import it to a GIS program without separating it into columns.

Malherbe Rossouw

Buen dia. si lo que quieres es usar un programa de mapas como qgis o arcgis puedes a tu hoja de excel darle un formato para trabajarlo alli. lee esto para mas referencia.
pero para mas info sobre las preguntas y como creas los poligonos mira:

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Hi @mrossouw, when you get a chance, please take some timle to Introduce yourself here!
As @Joaquin_Linares said (as far as I understand :wink: ) you can easily map point from to coordinates columns with a GIS software, but for linestring or polygon it it not so easy.
You should take a look at those case studies about generating kml, geojson or wkt within your form :


aplica si uso odk en hojas de googlesheets?

Yes it only use xforms calculations.
But you can try the examples forms given in the case studies.

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Esta increíble, muchas gracias.

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Hi @mathieubossaert. Thanks for the information. I will have a look at them.

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Just an update for other people that have the same issue. In QGIS there is an plugin with the name ODKtrace2WKT. It will extract all the shape co-ordinates from the csv file and plot it in QGIS.

Hope it helps