Get to know ODK

Hi I'm Binyam, would like to know weather ODK support the following or not;

  1. Technology
  2. Data ingestion
  3. Audience Segmentation
  4. User Experience
  5. Media Delivery
  6. Reports
  7. Resourcing
  8. Privacy
  9. Commercials
  10. Client Base
  11. Existing Relationship
  12. Roadmap

I would also like to know what makes ODK different from other similar data management platforms?



In a sense, ODK supports everything you are looking for. However, a little more description will help us help you better. And regarding the last point, I would say data security, privacy, flexibility and so much more makes ODK different from other data management platform, in fact, it is not just a data management platform.


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Hi @Binyam

You question is not clear. If you want to evaluate ODK tools against other tools, please post your requirements and use cases and we can advise if ODK has support for the requirements.

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@Ronald and @Imran thanks, please have a look at the detail under this link because I want to evaluate data management platforms;