Getting labels as the output to a select_one question

I am using XLSform to build my survey in kobotoolbox. The question is wether it is possible to get the label as the output data from a select_one response instead of the response itself?

Let's say the question I am asking is:
What do you think about the work that the mayor is doing on vial infrastructure, do you consider it very bad, bad, nor good nor bad, good, very good?

And for data analysis purposes I want to give a respective value of 1 through 5 to the different options without the downfall of showing 1,2,3,4, and 5 as oposed to very bad, bad, ... . I thought about labeling each of the options as 1,2,3,4,5 and then, somehow, getting the label as the output data for that question, but I cannot find in the documentation anything related.

Any ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance

Hi @Alejandro_Zepeda_Her and welcome to the ODK community.

If you use a select widget, you may define both name and value of each choice option :
So you can use same value for both.

You may also use likert widget :

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Thank you @mathieubossaert!

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