Getting ODK & GeoODK data from ODK aggregate to QGIS?

Hi everyone. I'm using ODK & GeoODK to collect data in the field and sending it back to ODK Aggregate deployed on the Google's App Engine. I'm able to view and download the data as csv and then manually add it to QGIS, but is there an easier way I could be doing this? I've never used PostgreSQL or PostGIS before so I'm not really sure how to push the data from Aggregate to those databases. Ideally I'd like to bring it into PostGIS so I can calculate geometry and perform other analysis before bringing it into QGIS. Thank you for your expertise.

With a bit of work you can publish data out of Aggregate and send it elsewhere for consumption, including pushing it into a Postgresql database. Most of the effort is in setting up an endpoint to receive the data and process it accordingly (ie getting it outa Aggregate aint that hard). Please take a look at the above link for more info on exporting data from Aggregate.

You might also want to look at this recent thread, there may be something in there of use.

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