Getting selection of certain value (times) in a select 1 and repeated group

Hi There,

I have a *select1 *in a repeated group that gets information about each
house hold member as shown below:

Father Father Mother Mother Daughter Daughter Son Son Father In Law Father_In_Law Mother In Law Mother_In_Law Other (Describe Other Relationship Below) other
               Few more inputs ...


I would like to find how many times certan relation (for instance ...
Father, Mother, Brother, Daughter ...) was selected ... and later put those
in new instance variable e.g. and so on.

I was unable to find what was i looking for, i hope it is not a repeated


I tried following bind but it didn't worked :frowning:

It should return number of times 'son' being select, i.e. count(nodeset)

Any help would be great!

Earlier bind gave out 0 as value, i tried the following bind as there was
no part in saved form XML file.

Entered selected 'Son' three times in Select1 but i am still getting 0 when
i try to output sonNumber field.

Any ideas?

Above bind work, i was evaluating the wrong node.