Getting submission error after Managed QRCode configuration on phones

We wrote a short tutorial for colleagues about how to configure ODKcollect to now work with Central instead of Aggregate. And I think we missed a step.
They were using a form stored on Aggregate called sicen_2020.
We asked them to update ODK Collect to the latest version and then to configure it using the managed QRCOde.
sicen_2020 is now (and also) on central and appears once in the form list. But at the end of the session, when collect tries to submit the data, they face a warning :

You have downloaded two different forms with the same form ID and version. Maybe they were the same form uploaded at different times or to different servers. In any case, you should delete one.

I think that the previous form from Aggregate is still on the phone and Collect can't choose what version to refer to.
What do you think ? I solved the pb on a phone : configure Collect with the legacy QRCode to be able to delete blank form (the oldest one) and then submit the finalized forms.
if you think I have understood the problem correctly, we will ask our colleagues to delete all blank form from the phone before configure it with the managed QRCode.

I haven't experienced downloading two forms from with the same form ID and version. One solution might be to increase the version number of the form on Central. If you use XLSForm, add a column called "version" to the settings tab and put a number (perhaps the date, such as 20210331). See:

Another approach is what you have done:

I would do something similar. I would first delete the blank form from the phone, then configure via managed QR Code to download the form again. I'm pretty sure that deleting the blank form does not delete any filled-in surveys / instances, but I would double check with a test before doing so.

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Thank you for your answer, it was not an objective :wink: So I think your solution (changing version number on Central) is a good one !

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