Getting the minimum value of 4 different values not using the begin repeat function

hi there,

Sirs, new problems arises but i know someone could crack this :slight_smile:

I have a survey. what happen is i now have 4 different survey results. Each one is the minimum value of 5 inputs (using begin repeat). Now, for example i have "3" for 1st result, "2" for 2nd result, "1" for 3rd result and "1" for 4th result. i want the 4th result to be display?? can i possibly do it?

somelike getting the minimum value of the 4 given values. pls help


Hi @ian8833

I'm not sure if I understand your problem but I think this is what you need:
min-repeats.xlsx (5.0 KB)
Let me know if Im' wrong.



Hi sirm thank you for this sir but this is not what i meant.

here is my sample for file, i know this is wrong but this is how i want it to be.

to get the minimum value of the 1st and the 2nd. And then i get the what is the minimum of the both.

if 1st minimum is 3 then the 2nd is 2, then the final output will be "2"


It would be easier if you would have added your form. Now I understand that you have two repeat groups from both you want to calculate the minimum value and at the end a minimum value from those minimum values. Am I right?

yes sir . thats what im trying to do. hope you could help me out with a sample sir :slight_smile:

testttttt.xlsx (12.3 KB)

i know the syntax in row 9 and 10 is wrong but that is what i would want to happen :frowning:

Maybe this: testttttt.xlsx (9.0 KB)