Go back to previous question based on condition xls

How to go back to specific question based on a condition? Eg some validation check to go back and correct it.


Hi Swati,

I am not so sure of what you want to do, can you give an example? I mean, practical example.


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Agreed with Donald that an example would help.

In general, what I'd do is use a constraint to prevent a user from proceeding at the time they enter the data, but later in the form.

Hi, I have scenario where I ask user to enter* total land area owned* with
unit, then I ask him again for* total area that is currently cultivated*.
Now the area that he enter for cultivation must be less than or equal to
total area. I can only compare two area once user have selected total area
and cultivated area. The units may differ. Once the user have entered the
areas I can calculate and compare both areas but what if user have entered
invalid area I must ask him to either increase the total area or decrease
the cultivated area but the invalid value is not acceptable. In case of
invalid area I want user to go back and correct otherwise he shouldn't be
able to move forward.

If there is only one unit involved I could have done it using constraint
but I need conversions to ensure both areas comparable in same units.

I hope my scenario is clear for you now.

Here's how I would solve this problem.

First, ask for area owned and area cultivated and the appropriate units. Then, use a couple of calculate prompts to standardize on the area.

Finally, use a note that is relevant when those calculates aren't valid (e.g., area cultivated is more than area owned). If you make that note required and include a non-empty constraint of . != '', it will not let you proceed when it is relevant.

So for the user, they will enter the areas and units, swipe and then they'll get a note that says they can't proceed until they go back and adjust the values.

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Thanks that was the approach I was looking for.