Group data not shows in excel if group data shows via odk briefcase then other data not showing

Dear Sir/Mam
I had submitted form in server through odk collect but when i export the form in csv the group data are missing where group data has present there are link
when link copy and paste in the browser we see only group data and other data are not seen .
i also use odk briefcase in which only see group data and other data are not showing in this .
kindly help as soon possible.
Thank you

Hi, @DBT_MP_Forest!

I think what you describe first is an Aggregate csv export, and it seems to work as expected: Aggregate doesn't add group data in the csv files and, instead, it adds a link to see the group data in the server.

Briefcase, on the other hand, should export everything into csv files. Repeat groups are exported in separate files and new columns with keys are added in order to link a row in the main output file with a row in a repeat group file.

If you have a form with repeat groups and Briefcase is not creating a file for them, it could be a bug. Could you specify your Briefcase version and attach the form you're having trouble with, please?

We are planning on adding a new export type on Briefcase that would export everything to a unique "flat" csv file, but we don't know yet when that will happen.