I have designed a form in excel that am to covert to XML,
However am bitten at something
I have a question where I ask for date of birth(date should not be more
than tomorrow), I want entrants to either enter the date of birth or tick a
field called unknown. I want the two fields (date of birth and uunkown
filed) to be on the same screen and user is required to either enter DOB or
tick unknown field.
Thanx any help rendered will be useful

Do you simply want to convert it to XML? If so I don't think you NEED to code that part in XML. Just code it using XLS forms (with the field-list or grouping you can display both prompt on the same screen easily).

Then, if you upload your XLS form to the converter (say you'll get back an XML form that you can use directly.

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Or reading your question again I am thinking the above might not be what you are looking for. If it more about the structure of your questions, what I would do if first ask a "filter" question Yes/no (e.g. "Do you know the DOB?"), then if the answer is "Yes" show the calendar, if no you skip it.

You can make the yes/no & the subsequent DOB calendar question mandatory.

I don't think you can have a question that is at the same time a calendar & and unkown tick mark, they have to be 2 different prompts.

I would recommand to NOT put them on the same screen. Because if question B is condition on question A (e.g. you calendar is conditional on the yes/no),then you need to swipe the screen for the answer to A being taken into account - it won't auto-update if they are on the same screen.

Hope that helps,