GSOC 17 (Android)

This is Raghav Puri, a second year Engineering undergrad from Bharati Vidyapeeth College Of Engineering,New Delhi,India.

I studied the Android Project list.Sir I think I can work upon ODK Collect. I am a keen Andriod Developer and want to polish my Android Skills under you guidance contributing to your esteemed organisation in GSOC 17.

Besides that, I see that objective of Open Data Kit is to collect data for Social Good.I have an idea to work upon. In rural and other remote areas especially in India,Artisans and Potters suffer a lot.
They make such wonderful and beautiful designs but don't get actual value they deserve.

Well,Android Phones are used by a majority of people.I wanna bring those Artisans and potters on Social media so that they can sell their designs in Urban areas and get the actual Value they deserve.Due to lack of education in rural areas they suffer and stay in loss. This will improve their lives a lot.

Thanking You,
Raghav Puri