GSoC Skunkworks-crow project

I want to invite community to join the call in which @Mickys0918 will be discussing about his progress made so far for GSoC project. And it would be good if he can show us the demo of Bluetooth transfer feature that he has added lately.

We put all the transcript of the calls on

The call will be on Wednesday, July 10th

  • I will be there
  • Can't make this time but interested in such future calls

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Yes, and it will be awesome if you can go through the bluetooth code in PR260 and give your suggestions, thanks a lot. I will record a video demo and post the link here, looking forward to see you there.

That's great! I look forward to it.

Hey all, I uploaded a demo video for bluetooth feature and you can have a look using this link:

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We are having technical difficulties connecting, so are meeting at The call will be recorded and I'll share the audio.

And for those who can't see the video on streamable, you can find a copy at


Chat log

Yaw Anokwa (6:05) -
Yizheng (6:07) -
Yaw Anokwa (6:35) -

There is an off-topic but useful conversation about Ph.D.s at the 50 minute mark.

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